All the honey is  processed at Beechina in a quality assured processing plant.

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Profile of Bees Neez Apiaries

We no longer pack honey , all our honey is supplied to Capilano in Bayswater. We encourage you to continue to support WA Beekeeper producers and purchase your honey under the Wescobee and Capilano labels in your local supermarket.

We are excited to be part of the Proudly Local campaign look out in your local WA supermarket for our friendly faces

If you wish to purchase direct from the beekeeper then please visit
The House of Honey or Australian Bee Company


If you specifically wish to view a display hive in action then The House of Honey in the Swan Valley will be able to accommodate you.

There is no wastage from the beehive, every product is useable.

No antibiotics are used to treat disease and no chemicals are used in the production of our honey.

Minimal heat is used in processing. Resulting in a product as pure and natural as nature intended it.

Approx 3 tonne of Beeswax is produced and sold each year.

Up to 15 tonnes of pollen are produced some years, which we on sell to a local business in Gidgegannup that dries and packs it for sale.


B-QualBees Neez Apiaries are proud to say that we have successfully implemented and completed the B-Qual Australia Pty Ltd Approved Supplier Program, this ensures that all honey bee products produced from our business comply with the program requirements.

Bees Neez Apiaries quality policy statement is:

"To manage a sustainable apiary business efficiently and profitably. To produce a safe and wholesome product to meet the public's expectations."

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